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Young Arts at Christleton High School

March 2011 :  Young Arts Initiative

Christleton High School Has Designs on Hoole Roundabout!
On a glorious sunny day, 15 gifted and talented girls from Yrs. 8 and 9 at Christleton High School were treated to an Art master class by the sculptor Stephen Broadbent. The aim of the day was to create an installation for the Hoole Roundabout in Chester. The students spent the morning creating maquettes, or models, using card, wax modelling clay, polystyrene foam, wire and mesh. Each mock-up model was placed on a wooden circle to represent the roundabout and assessed by the other students as to its symbolism, effect and practicality.

During the afternoon, each model was photographed . Then, using Adobe Photoshop, it was possible to 'drop' each model onto a photograph of the Hoole roundabout. There was great excitement now that the students could see what their installation would look like in situ.

Chester DFAS Young Arts were delighted to fund the day and our two enthusiastic co-ordinators lent practical support to the students.
Who knows if one of these designs  may be taken up by the Doubletree Hotel, Chestivals and Chester Renaissance : all organisations which we know are actively seeking to commission an art installation on Hoole roundabout. What a coup that would be for the Christleton students!

A big thank you to all our members for the raffle support which allows us to fund such exciting projects.