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The Big Draw

The Big Draw is an annual event held every October as part of the nationwide Campaign for Drawing, which aims to get everyone of all ages drawing!  NADFAS sponsors the event and encourages societies to support the Big Draw as a Young Arts project.

 Chester Young Arts joined with the Grosvenor Museum to hold a free event on Saturday  29th October 2011.  All the children visiting the museum that afternoon were invited to use the materials provided and create a fantasy creature.  The starting point was the museum’s natural history collection, but with a lot of imagination, some card, lolly sticks, a few feathers and the odd googly eye some amazing creations emerged.


The head, body, tail, and countless legs were then joined with split paper clips so the creature could be animated. 

The finished menagerie was mounted on the wall for all to see whilst the children continued their tour round the museum and were then collected on the way out.

The afternoon was a great success with a lot of positive feedback and we hope to run another joint Big Draw at the Grosvenor museum next year.