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Rhino Mania

How has Chester DFAS been involved? In May we funded an Arts and Literacy project at Our Lady's Primary School in Ellesmere Port when Ogden Nash's poem and Albrecht Durer's painting of the rhinoceros served as the  inspiration to transform two large, naked glass-fibre rhinos into wondrous works of art.  Our Rhinos are now forming part of the Chester and Ellesmere Port Rhino Trail from 5 July -12 September and have been given two good homes!

Ronaldo - the poetry rhino - is in Ted Baker in Cheshire Oaks, and Ashitaka-The textured rhino is in The Port Arcades in Select. 

On your travels do go and have a peek and marvel at the cleverness and dexterity of the children at Our Lady's Primary School. Also check out the website from where Chester's own rhino, Fleur, made it to the BBC website.