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Sharing the Mystery

The Chester Mystery Plays “Sharing the Mystery” project (funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund) is about creating a living collection of records, memories and photos of the Plays since they were revived in 1951.  

 Working with the University of Chester Learning and Information Services team, one strand of the project is to develop an archive (physical and online).  Volunteers from Chester DFAS have been invaluable in shaping and cataloguing material.  “I honestly don’t know how we would have managed without Kath and her team”, commented Project Manager, Jane Dawson.  “They’ve been absolutely brilliant!”  Kath Bowen, the local coordinator, Denise Parkin, the Chester Secretary, and other members of the Chester group have brought their skills and knowledge to the project, and in turn have gained a fascinating insight into a marvellous example of Chester’s living heritage.