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Heritage Open Days


During Chester's Heritage Open Days, our Heritage Volunteers stewarded at the St. Mary's Centre. There was a good response from local people and tourists, and numbers were up on last year.

Whilst helping to keep this important heritage landmark open for visitors, volunteers also hosted an exhibition to promote Chester DFAS with displays on forthcoming lectures and study days, current projects of Young Arts and Heritage Groups and some past and present projects of the North West Area Heritage Volunteers.

Heritage Open Days 2010
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Once again Chester DFAS was asked to volunteer to steward for Heritage Open Days at St.  Mary’s Centre this September. This beautiful church with its vivid stained glass, splendid monuments and brightly decorated roof does not encourage the enquiring visitor to peer behind its curtains.

 However, there was a wonderful NADFAS display to distract the eye and inform the mind, put on by our hardworking ChesterDFAS committee, as well as displays mounted by Chester History and Heritage and the Chester Civic Trust. 

There were the Hardman photographs and an interesting mix of photographs of bygone Chester : just a taster of the large collection held by the History Centre at St. Michael’s, in the city centre.

The visitor would have left with a comprehensive knowledge of what NADFAS is and does.  There were boards explaining where the volunteers worked and examples from Church Recording, sewing for the Museum, mention of the Garden Recording project, photographs of work at the Record Office, and a couple of the Cathedral kneelers. 

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Despite the poor weather and the Race crowds, we had a steady number of visitors who all seemed to enjoy themselves, making the two day event memorable for us all. 

Helen Thomas