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Heritage Open Days 2009

Last year NADFAS Head Office asked all Branches to liaise with their local Civic Trust and give what assistance they might require. 

This year 16 of Chester DFAS Heritage Volunteers stewarded the Heritage Open Day of St. Mary's Centre which was open for two days.  This centre is a 15th Century de-consecrated Church which has a beautiful interior and some splendid stain glass.  It is now used as a Concert and Exhibition Centre. 

Our task was security, to take numbers, make tea and coffee and give out information. 

Our new display boards were mounted with a very professional presentation of the work of Chester DFAS together with leaflets and posters to show what NADFAS stands for. 

One of the kneelers from Chester Cathedral was exhibited and also some of the colourful Costume Posters and a sample of the covers and hangers which are made for the Grosvenor Museum Costume Collection. 

By request Chester Heritage also put on an exhibition of Victorian Photographs of Chester and the Chester Civic Trust displayed some of the Hardman Collection of photographs taken by a Liverpool photographer whose house in Liverpool is now owned by the National Trust and exhibits his full collection.  

 The day was bright and sunny and showed the stain glass windows to perfection. Approximately 150 members of the public visited the Centre.

The Civic Trust were delighted with our support and also congratulated us on our communication with the public which had been favourably commented on.