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Arrangements for Lectures and AGM on 21st March 2017

10.15 am   Doors open to members; coffee and biscuits available
11.00 am   Lecture begins. Session to end by 12.15 pm, including questions and raffle.
12.15 pm   All members not staying for AGM, please leave promptly
so that space is available in the car park.
Lecture Room arranged for AGM
12.25 pm   Doors open to members attending AGM (A complimentary coffee will be available to members attending the AGM)
12.45 pm   AGM (Note the doors will be closed during the AGM)
1.15 pm   AGM ends
Those members not staying for the afternoon lecture to leave promptly so space is available in the car park.
Lecture room rearranged for lecture.
1.25 pm   Doors open to members for afternoon lecture; coffee and biscuits available.
2.00 pm   Lecture begins

Please note - Members will not be expected to leave the building if staying for the AGM after the morning lecture, but will be required to sign in for the AGM as well as for the lecture. This may be a nuisance, but is required both for Health and Safety reasons and to ensure a record of AGM attendance is available